Instagram Blogger to Watch: Marcel Floruss

Blogger. Fashionisto. Model. Instagrammer. Stylist. Influencer.

Not one word can succinctly define Marcel Floruss, who operates under the moniker, “One Dapper Street.”

The 26-year-old uses that name on his popular Instagram and YouTube accounts, as well as his own website. Being one of the most prominent men’s fashion blogs online, simply looking up seasonal outfit ideas or tips on reinventing your image has never been easier.

Who is Marcel Floruss?

Originating from Stuttgart, Germany, Marcel Floruss moved to New York City in summer 2011 to further pursue his passion in fashion, blogging, and menswear.

He previously was a German boutique salesperson, a mathematics tutor, an intern for Marc Jacobs and Diesel, a model under New York Model Management and a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Here, he majored in Fashion Merchandising Management and minored in Economics.

His wide range of experience and ability to adapt to different environments helped him start his “One Dapper Street” fashion blog in 2013. It aims to assist young men with tips on how to dress for every weather, occasion or travel. In fact, the name stems from Floruss recalling how many people called him “dapper” for always dressing neatly or gentlemanly.

How He’s Gained Such a Huge Following

Floruss’ Instagram page is nearing 400k followers, around 80k people subscribe to his YouTube account, and almost 4,500k people follow him on Twitter. These may not be tremendous numbers as compared to many other major veteran fashion bloggers, but Floruss is aware that he’s among the few menswear bloggers with a significant fanbase.

In an interview with Stuttgarter Nachrichten last December, he acknowledged that fashion blogs are mostly led by women but men recently have risen in prominence too. He revealed that he was second or third in terms of having the most followers for a men’s fashion blogger, and he hoped that there will be more men’s fashion bloggers in the coming years.

His strong fanbase is perhaps a result of his determined work ethic. He also said that he “typically gets up and work, and goes to bed and work.” Since his blog started, he’s pushed himself to post almost every day, even during the holidays. Speaking of the holidays, he noted that during this time, many people are more likely to look at social media, where he can connect with them with his posts.

Wardrobe Resume

Here is a glimpse of some looks Floruss has showcased on his social media and blog, not comparable to the big picture!

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Diego Cagara
Diego Cagara

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