L’ORIGINE Present Their Summer 18 Lookbook: ‘2 BECOMES 1 – L’SOCIÉTÉ’

In their latest collection titled ‘Opposites Attract and Enhance’ L’ORIGINE play on the aspect of complementarity. An open society and the interdependent nature of humanity in which we sometimes even carry a part of the opposed within ourselves – black and white, ying and yang.

L’ORIGINE was founded in 2014 by two best friends – Dyllan Ahinful & Jeffrey Mensah. The two have known each other since first grade and while they grew up in Bijlmer, Amsterdam they have a unique connection over their heritage. Not only do the two of them originate in Ghana but their roots even lie in the same town, Ashanti Bekwa.

The aspect of complementarity begins with the two founders that in spite of having opposing characters, have a personal and professional bond. They both believe that people can and should come together to complete one another, and want to remove established barriers in the mindset of society. Phrases such as ‘Once started as two and now together as one’ and ‘We unite what never was meant to be divided’ lie at the core of their creative vision.

L’Origine Lookbook Summer 2018

– C’est L’origine –

The title of their Summer 2018 lookbook is ‘Exposition: ‘Opposites Attract and Enhance’’. Every picture of the collection has its own caption drawn from the impressionist movement playing on shifts of society and the capturing of light and colour and tone.

The main colours used in the collection are black, white and light blue. Other details have been added in complementary colours that, however, enhance i.e. the orange details on top of the blue in‘LEANING ON EACH OTHER’S STRENGTHS’.

Although their clothing has an urban street style flare, the two founders highly emphasis on their own identity, – their friendship, family, and origin.

Their friendship is symbolised within their clothing alongside the Ghanian proverb ‘If there’s no enemy within the enemy outside can do us no harm’  in a blue color traditionally used to represent peace in Ghanian garments. While individual pieces are already available for purchase and pre-order, the full collection is expected to arrive at L’ORIGINE’s website soon.

Marie Schürmann
Marie Schürmann