Still Trying To Find the Right Sneaker Socks? SNOCKS Has the Solution

We all know the problem, finding the right socks that go along with your favourite sneakers isn’t easy. German socks brand SNOCKS has perfected a solution to the sneaker socks problem known by every sneakerhead.

Say goodbye to the days of rolling down your long socks in order to make them appear invisible or the annoying feeling of your ankle socks sliding down over your heel. The young brand SNOCKS (sneakers + socks) was inspired by the ambition to rethink the way we pair our kicks with socks. It aims to provide every sneaker enthusiast with premium quality sneaker socks at a reasonable price. Founded only last year by two young entrepreneurs, it has quickly received a lot of attention within the German sneaker scene. 

SNOCKS flagship product INVISIBLE SNOCKS™ combines cotton and elastane to create a perfect fit that adjusts to your feet smoothly. The silicon pad in the heel section guarantees a firm hold that makes them stay in perfect position and hidden for the perfect pinroll look.

Besides the INVISIBLE SNOCKS™ footlets, SNOCKS has expanded its product range with other unique and versatile socks. A recent addition to the line has been the introduction of RETRO SNOCKS that allow you to turn back time with every outfit. The use of a special material mix makes them thermo-regulating and suitable for your workouts. Like with all of SNOCKS products, the socks come with an impressive 6 months anti-hole warranty. 

Within a year, SNOCKS has gown its product offering to an impressive size. Customers can now choose between 6 different sock models including specialized sport socks with grip enhancing nubs as well as elegant business socks for work. In addition, the brand has also added a range of shoelaces and released its first limited merchandise collection earlier this year.

You can find a small selection of SNOCKS products below:



Invisible SNOCKS







Simon Reichert
Simon Reichert

Founder & Editor-in-Chief