Take A Shot’s Wooden Sunglasses Are Every Adventurer’s Dream

German accessories brand Take A Shot (TAS) manufactures the finest wooden sunglasses every adventurer and wood lover needs.

Founded in 2012 by two students after being inspired by their travels and term abroad, the brand turns it’s motto “take a shot” into reality by crafting bold but beautiful wooden sunglasses, phone cases and watches. The design language of the accessories clearly follows the core brand philosophy  “we are young, life is simple, take a shot” by combining modern silhouettes, colourful mirrored lenses and the classic aesthetic of wood.

Take A Shot’s sunglasses boast highly durable polycarbonate frames and wooden temples while the watches feature stainless steal cases, suede straps and wooden watch faces. All accessories are crafted with a range of specially treated wood  types including cherry, oak and walnut wood as well as bamboo. Through the diverse characteristics of the woods used each accessory becomes truly unique due to its optics, haptics and graining.

You can find a small selection of our favourite accessories below:

TAS Nepomuk Walnut wood

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TAS Nepomuk: Walnut wood


TAS EDE Walnut wood

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TAS Ede: Walnut wood

TAS Mary Walnut wood

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TAS Mary: Walnut Wood

Simon Reichert
Simon Reichert

Founder & Editor-in-Chief