The Latest ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Trailer Is Here & It Is Breathtaking

Paramount Pictures just released the latest trailer for the upcoming movie ‘Ghost in the Shell’ and it is absolutely breathtaking.

After the release of the movie’s teaser and first trailer in November 2016 Paramount Pictures is back and showing off its latest trailer starring Scarlett Johansson as an invisible and kick ass Cyborg.

The movie, which will release on March 31. is a remake based on the Japanse manga by Masamune Shirow. Scarlett Johannsson plays ‘The Major’, a cyborg counter-cyberterrorist commander fighting criminals and extremists. Her elite task force Section 9 finds themselves taking on an enemy whose main objective is to sabotage artificial intelligence technology.

The latest trailer reveals more about what the film will feel and look like, while giving us a clearer idea of the different levels of conflict including the Major’s past. Besides the plot, we can’t wait to see more of the incredible free falls, busting through glass walls and kick ass action.

To see the latest trailer of Ghost in the Shell press play below.

Simon Reichert
Simon Reichert

Founder & Editor-in-Chief