Minimalist Aesthetics by Minh T

This month we are following up on our #ARTOFTHEMONTH campaign, which showcases the best artists and photographers related to lifestyle and fashion. For July, we are honoured to feature Minh T aka @thismintymoment.

Los Angeles based photographer and graphic designer Minh T has become popular for his stunning Instagram account @thismintymoment. Minh’s photos stand out in their truly unique simplistic and minimalistic aesthetics, colour harmonies and calm charismata. Among his photos, the themes of architecture, fashion, the human body and nature have a strong presence and appear in calming low contrasts and bleached colour tones.

The escapist artworks combine a sense of purity and timelessness. By reducing the scenery to a minimum of essential elements, the observer is able to discover beauty within the lighting, geometry and mood. Minh draws his inspiration from spotting something that is both mundane and neglected but shows true beauty in certain perspectives. Through his photography, he is able to transform these undiscovered, forgotten and neglected places into incredibly aesthetic artworks.

Make sure to check out his website for more.

Simon Reichert
Simon Reichert

Founder & Editor-in-Chief