How Singer Reimagines the Most Stunning Porsche Models

A small California-based company called Singer Vehicle Design has managed to become one of the best-known names in the world of Porsche enthusiasts. Singer’s custom 911 builds have attracted the attention of many collectors and old timer admirers that enjoy a range of modern conveniences and the traditional design restored at jewel like quality.

While modern conveniences such as optional four-wheel-drive, carbon fibre elements and xenon lights have been added to the old Porsche builds, they subtly merge with the classic aesthetics and the driving sensation of a naturally aspirated and air-cooled Porsche boxer engine. Singer’s current 964 builds are equipped with a 4.0-litre engine that delivers nearly 400 horsepower.

However, the stunning reimagined old timers don’t come at a cheap price. Nearly all of Singer’s commissioned rebuilds have sported a price tag of minimum 400,000 Dollars which doesn’t include the base model yet.

Check out the documentary below, featuring Rob Dickinson the founder and creative director  of Singer Vehicle Design:

Simon Reichert
Simon Reichert

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